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OP Users

Users Workspace
• View a list of all users
• Add and remove from the list
• View and change a user's credit balance
• Enable or disable user access to printers
• Export the list of users to an HTML/CSV file


Adding and Removing Users in the Users List

To Add a User:

Click the Create Button.
Enter the name or select a name from the list. 
Click OK.

To Remove a User:

Click the Remove button.
Enter the name or select a name from the list. 
Click OK.

User Workspace:
• View a user's printing history and statistics
• List a user's detailed printing activity log
• Change user status, quota, and restrictions
• Export a user's information to an HTML file 

OP allows you to limit the number of pages that users may print. The current account represents the total amount available to users for printing. If you define a $10 quota, the user can print up to $10 worth of copies. The quota can be turned off if you do not wish to limit customer printing. OP also allows you to reset a quota to a fixed amount at the end of each day, week, or month. Additionally, there is the option of increasing the balance with OP, which allows existing balances to roll over. You can also grant a user unlimited access to all printers.

OP offers a variety of restrictions (rules) that can be enabled on a per-user basis. Printing is canceled if the print job exceeds the maximum allowable print limit specified for a printer. Further restriction settings include the number of pages, document title (e.g., restricted words), color, and print job size.

*The dialogues of Groups and Computers are equal.

Bulk Actions:
Bulk actions allow you to modify a chunk of data at once. This is a dangerous operation and should only be done when you need to modify many users' data at once.

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