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OP 4.4

OP is a software package for comprehensive print management in small and medium-sized companies, schools, colleges and organizations.

OP enables the control, quota allocation and restriction of printing and printer usage. This print management system provides centralized administration over all printing resources, printers, paper and toner.

OP is designed to manage print jobs from workstations that are spooled to a Windows server or workstation. You can effectively monitor a printer’s usage in a network. Using specific installed software, OP can track and control any local or network printer. OP supports printers, users, computers, and groups in Active Directory and workgroup environments. 

Basic Features:
• Tracks and controls all printing activity with quotas and restrictions
• Advanced reporting and charts
• High-performance internal database engine
• Works with most of the popular databases
• Save printed document as image
• Mixing HTTP and HTTPS access
• Enables anonymous access
• Multi-language support
• 40 days unlimited full version trial
• Unlimited number of users, printers, computers and print servers
• No additional payments

New Features in 4.4:
• New web admin panel
• Timeline page
• OP Assistant
• Bulk actions
• Database backups (for internal database)
• Print Release Station
• Print a job with a watermark
• Grayscale printing (from color to grayscale)
• Redirecting print jobs to another printer
• Save jobs spooled in Print Spooler
• Accurate calculation of pages count and color

New Features in 4.3:
• Save printed document as image
• Change the printer settings to black and white
• Define your own logo image
• A printer alias is an alternative name for a printer

New Features in 4.2:
• Form-based authentication
• Charge for printing (standard mode/cost per sheet/cost per square unit/cost per paper length)
• Notification service
• Monitoring network printers with SNMP (supply levels and states)
• Color themes

New Features in 4.1:
• New look design
• OP Desktop Client (authentication without login)
• Export and email reports
• OP Connector for UNIX-based systems 

New Features in 4.0:
• Monitors network printers and automatically discovers printers in your network
• Advanced reporting and charting in Flash
• Viewing the printer's status in real-time
• Script triggers

OP Architecture:

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