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OP Assistant

OP Assistant is a software tool which provides help managing OP Services.

If needed, click the OP Assistant tray icon  to launch the OP Web Admin Panel.  If the OP Assist tray icon isn't visible in the system tray, click the Show hidden icons arrow located in the system tray to reveal additional program icons.

Right-clicking on the icon opens the program menu. 

Context Menu
• Open Secure Web Admin Panel: Open https://<server>:1562/ if you have enabled the HTTPS feature
• Open Web Admin Panel: Open http://<server>:1561/ unsafe HTTP feature
• Restart OP Services: Restart ObjPrnSvc and ObjPrnSrv Windows services
• Start OP Services: Start ObjPrnSvc and ObjPrnSrv Windows services
• Stop OP Services: Stop ObjPrnSvc and ObjPrnSrv Windows services
• Check OP services health: Show OP Windows services status and database health
• Restart Graphic Service: Restart GrphConv Windows service
• Start Graphic Service: Start GrphConv Windows service
• Stop Graphic Service: Stop GrphConv Windows service
• Enable Logging: Turn logging on.
• Disable Logging: Turn logging off.
• View log file: Open log file C:\Program Files\Fitosoft\ObjectPrint4\Log\xxxx_xx_xx_events.log
• Disable login password protection: Disable login password protection. OP Admin Panel will be started during startup through automatic administrator logon, so you do not have to enter a password.
• Enable login password protection: Enable login password protection. Your browser will prompt you for a username and password.
• Change password: Reset forgotten or lost passwords in OP.
• Check OP services are running: Enable OP services to re-start automatically.
• Uncheck OP services are running: Disable OP services from re-starting automatically.
• Reset language: Set current language interface to English.
• Run Assist on Startup: Run OP Assistant on Windows startup
• Disable Assist on Startup: Dont run OP Assistant on Windows startup 

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