The chief reason why Output Management software or better known as Print Management software was introduced is to optimize the use of Multifunctional Printers. OP has been developed as an effective tool for controlling printers and print jobs. The OP’s selling points is the ability to provide users with an efficient administration of all the printing activities which eventually helps users save a great deal of printing capacity. Besides these benefits, there are countless other reasons to use OP Smart Tool.

Easy Installation and Use

The installation wizards automatically install the server software and detect the printers and Multifunctional printers on the network. The install Wizard also helps in defining user access rights, the quotas and the page costs. With the Universal drivers, the OP can now integrate with all the printers and the Multifunctional Printers from all the major vendors. With the OP user control panel, there are countless actions that the user can take. Firstly, the user can connect to different OP servers which have the information on the current user activities and control the Current balance which includes the rejected print jobs, accepted print jobs and most importantly increase the balance through prepaid payment cards.

Tracking printing activities

The second main reason of using OP Print Management software is Monitor and report usage. The software provides real time monitoring and reports that addresses all areas of print management. The reports include the detailed page logs with summaries by the user, the environmental impact. The OP tool equally provides a couple of reports out of the Box in HTML, MS Excel and PDF format. The reports can be accessed from any web browser and users can equally schedule automatic reports.

Control printers and users

When there are multiple geographic locations in the Business, printers can be a hustle to the network efficiency. But remember printing is always a consideration when optimizing the company wide area. In this instance, the OP Print Management Software provides an efficient benefit of controlling multiple printers and users.

Cutting down printing costs

Are you ready to reduce printing costs? The OP Print Management software reduces administrative costs and the wasteful printing habits that can greatly impact the eventual profits in your business. You can easily find out the true costs-per-page, have a chance to optimize the fleet for improved workflows, determine the true costs for each of the printers. Get error and history reports that help in cost management and improve efficiency.

Desktop and Cloud Versions

Today, small, medium sized and big organizations and companies are using SaaS based solutions than ever. It helps users to control print jobs over the internet safely and securely. You can manage any print jobs from anywhere.

The OP Printing Management software offers a couple of years of experience and increased management visibility in the printing industry.  Here you have 5 reasons of using OP Printing Management software that are rarely discussed in relation to Print Management.