OP Desktop is generally a software package for the complete print management in medium and small sized business, organizations, schools, and colleges. It will enable the quota allocation, control, printer usage and restriction of printing. In the network, you can able to monitor the usage of the printer in a top notch manner. By making use of the effective installed software, the OP Desktop can able to control and track any network or local printer. This OP will support users, printers, groups in workgroup environments and active directory and computers effectively.

OP desktop in free edition:

At present, the OP Desktop is available for free. There is a top notch version of OP has been available to the public as the free print manager. Here, there will be no catch and no charge. Simply you can able to download the new version of the OP Free Desktop and make use it in an extraordinary manner.

Even though the free edition is not having that much features of the paid version, but still it stands unique and it very fast and also very easy to use it. The free edition of OP is offered as the freeware, but only for the purpose of non-commercial and private use. It will also be free for humanitarian organizations or any charity and it is also free for the educational purpose.

Latest Features in 4.4:

  • Timeline page
  • Database backups
  • New web admin panel
  • Bulk actions

Effective factors:

The OP Free Edition setup pack is effectively customizable because one can able to set the need for the application to the monitoring or quota mode very effectively. In order to maintain the track of the printing activity by user, printer, computer or group, manage them with restrictions and quotas, set the restrictions and derivative print cost for each also can examine charts and advanced reports.

On the other hand, the monitoring method can able to utilize only for the reports and tracking. This can be considered as 2 of the previous goals. It is must to create the administrator account that is password and username at the end of the process of startup.

The new version of the OP Free Desktop is also proved to be a dependable asset to any of the user non-profit organization or user checking out to control and manage the activity effortlessly. It is mainly because of the intuitive options.