The Best Way to Reduce Printing Cost

OP is a smart tool to control printers and print jobs. It provides you with all necessary means for the efficient administration of all printing activity. Using this tool helps you save a great deal of printer capacity.

A Cost-effective Solution to all Your Printing Woes

OP is a next generation smart web application that regulates, manages, and restricts the printing activities in smaller organizations, schools, colleges, and other medium-sized organizations. OP is eager to help organizations in complying with the approach to consuming lesser paper & energy.

Wonderful Users
Saved Papers
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Endless Possibilities To Reduce Printing Costs

Reduces printing costs

OP software saves money and trees

OP is probably the best method of cutting down your printing costs significantly. It does not only save you money but also save a lot of trees since it will prevent waste of paper from unnecessary or uncontrolled printing.

Ideal print control solution

For small and medium-sized companies, schools and organizations

With OP software, you are given a lot of tools that makes printing more efficient. This is why it is not surprising that many small to mid-sized companies like schools, and private institutions are already using the software to their advantage.

Print management

Tracks and controls all printing activity with quotas and restrictions

It is clearly a very ingenious solution that completely controls and tracks all printing tasks given set restrictions. The head administrator can nominate as many users as possible with regard to who can access the program. All of these great benefits are present without letting the company pay an excess.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Easy installation & setup

  • High-performance internal database engine

  • Mixing HTTP and HTTPS access

  • 40 days unlimited full version trial

  • Web-based Access

  • Viewing the printer’s status in real-time

  • Tracks and controls all printing activity with quotas and restrictions

  • Works with most of the popular databases

  • Enables anonymous access

  • Unlimited number of users, printers, computers and print servers

  • Cloud solutions

  • Export and email reports

  • Advanced reporting and charts

  • Save printed document as image

  • Multi-language support

  • No additional payments

  • Monitors network printers

  • Desktop Client

OP is now available on both the Desktop and Cloud

Desktop Version


  • One printserver
  • Local database
  • No image preview
  • Non-commercial use


$14999one-time payment
  • No limits
  • 40 days unlimited full version trial
  • No additional payments
  • Support

Cloud Version


  • Try free for 40 days
  • Dashboard for administrator
  • One printserver
  • Save max. 500 print jobs


  • Dashboard for administrator
  • Max. 5 printservers
  • Save max. 50000 print jobs
  • Support


  • Everything from Standard, plus…
  • Unlimited printservers
  • Unlimited print jobs
  • Dashboard for users

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