Here at Fitosoft, we are constantly focused on bringing our customers the best possible print management solutions, and OP helps make the entire process simpler and easier than ever before. With our new update, OP is becoming even better and easier to customize for every customer. We are now adding the ability to save spooled files, watermark printing and direct access to analytics in your dashboard. All these tools and new features are designed to help improve the way you use OP, while boosting efficiency and providing you with the ultimate set of results.

Saving spooled files

The main purpose of spooled files is to hold all the output data until it’s printed. Our spooled files are collecting data and it’s all kept safe and ready for printing. By adding the ability to save spooled files, we make the entire process simpler and a lot more cohesive for our customers. It’s now possible to make a copy of the Windows spool file and save it anywhere you want. This is important if you are printing lots of documents, yet still want to keep a copy of their spool file as you see fit.



Adding a watermark has been one of the most asked features for a long time. We understand the need to protect any type of document with your own “stamp”, and that’s why OP is now offering complete support for either image-based or text-based watermarks. You are free to create your own watermark and insert it on top of the document you are working on.

Watermarks are important because they can help protect your own documents or ideas. It’s also a way to sign your own content and ensure that no one will use it without your consent. Unfortunately, many use images or documents without the creator’s consent. Thanks to the new watermarking feature in OP, you will have no problem protecting your documents. In addition, watermarking is great for personal branding, since you can show you are the creator of that document.


Analytics on dashboard

OP just received the Analytics feature, where you get to see exactly what was printed, what pages were rejected, and your user activity as a whole. This helps make the printing process easier to follow. On top of that, you will also be able to identify the overall server and printer performance, while identifying any potential issues. Having an Analytics system makes it easier to see if everything is ok, and if there are any challenges or printing errors/problems, we will highlight them here.

OP is constantly growing and expanding, with this new set of features being an important addition. We are firm believers that expanding the OP feature set will offer you more flexibility and ease of use. Additionally, we are always open to user requests and feedback. If you want a new feature added to OP, let us know, contact us and we will do our best to expand on your ideas!