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OP Features and Benefits

  • Tracks and controls all printing activity with quotas and restrictions

  • Advanced reports and charts

  • High-performance internal database engine

  • Works with most popular databases

  • Save the printed document as an image

  • Desktop and cloud versions

  • Mixing HTTP and HTTPS access

  • Multilingual support

  • 40-day unlimited trial of the full version

  • Unlimited number of users, printers, computers, print servers

  • No additional payments

Tracks all printing activity

OP is designed to manage print jobs from workstations that are spooled to Windows server or workstation. Using specifically installed software, OP can track and control printing for shared and local printers on local or remote print servers/workstations. OP supports printers, users, computers, and groups in Active Directory and workgroup environments.

Web-based access

Every feature of OP can be accessed via the web application. End users do not need to download or install any software on their machines. The web application is served over HTTPS, allowing you to secure communications with an SSL certificate. All print jobs can be saved and viewed later as images. Print jobs may also include a preview image. When printing a document, it will be saved as images.

Control Printers, Users, Computers, and Groups with Quotas and Restrictions

OP is used to control and restrict users/printers/computers/groups to ensure sensible print use by allocating a quota. Enter the account balance to be allocated to a user, printer, computer or group. The quota can be limited or unlimited. The quota panel can be used to automatically increase/reset the credit limit according to the amount and schedule specified. OP offers advanced filter options to filter or restrict printing jobs using a set of rules. Printing quotas and restrictions can be set for every user/printer/computer/group.

Advanced Reporting and Charts

Reports are designed for print cost analysis and client billing. They are typically generated to summarize user activity, printer activity, group activity, or computer activity. Standard reports include statistics for users, printers, computers, and groups (sorted by period).

Services for Users

Using the OP User Control Panel and the OP Desktop Client software, users connect to various OP servers that provide information on their current print activities.

OP client features include:

  • Control of the current balance, including accepted and rejected print jobs
  • Balance increase through prepaid payment cards
  • Use of secure connections

Logo image and additional options

  • Logo image and custom link in OP Web Admin Panel
  • Multilingual support
  • Notification service
  • First-time configuration wizard
  • Prepaid cards
  • Script triggers

Desktop or Cloud?

OP Cloud has several advantages over OP Desktop:

  • It can be simpler to manage, less expensive, and easier to update and use.
  • However, there may be reasons to keep your application on your desktop, including network bandwidth considerations.
Cloud Live Demo

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