OP uses Nullsoft Installer Script (NSI). NSI Installer has a number of features not present in Windows Installer. But the MSI format allows installing software both interactively and in automated silent mode.
You can run a silent installation by invoking OP Connector installer with a command line option.
To do that use the /S switch as in the following example:
ObjectPrintConnector41x64.exe /S /notavail=1 /host=server /admin=admin /pass=123 /log=c:\log.txt /pjl=1
The following details the parameters and their behaviors.

Address of the OP Server. OP Connector uses TCP ports 1561, 1562 and 1563. These ports must be accessible from the Internet on the machine running OP Connector.

OP administrator’s name.

OP administrator’s password.

Allow/Reject printing of unprocessed print jobs when OP Server is unavailable.
If the OP Service is not enabled or unavailable for some other reason, you can choose to let all unprocessed print jobs go through it. An undesirable print job will be delivered to printers. If the setting is rejected, no print job will be delivered until the OP Service is re-enabled.

1 – Allow printing (default)

0 – Reject printing

Enable/Disable permanent printer’s status monitoring via PJL.

1 – Enable (default)

0 – Disable

/log=<file name and path>
OP Connector installed log file name and location.
If you have any questions, please send an email to support@fitosoft.com.