How do I backup OP data (local storage)?

/How do I backup OP data (local storage)?

How do I backup OP data (local storage)?

To back up the whole content of the OP data files:
• Do not change the name of a computer.
• Save C:\Program Files\Fitosoft\ObjectPrint4\Log\objectprint4.s3db (database file).
• Save the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Fitosoft\ObjectPrint4 registry key.
To export a registry key to a hive file:
1. Open Registry Editor.
2. Select the key that you want to save as a file.
3. Click Export on the File menu.
4. Click the drive, folder, or network computer where you want to save the hive file in Save In in the Export Registry File dialog box.
5. Enter a name for the hive (ObjectPrint4) in Filename.
6. Click Registry Hive Files in Save As Type.
7. Click Save.

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